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meet the artist: brie wolf

even as a child, clay was my preferred medium for artistic expression. the purely tactile experience of taking a wet lump of organic matter into your hands and transforming it into a work of art or a functional piece has always intrigued me. I first discovered ceramics when I was eight years old; my artist of a mother enrolled me in an entry-level children’s pottery class and I was immediately hooked.  since then, I have taken several continuing education courses, taught a few lessons and been a member of studios in various locations spanning the globe - the united states, colombia, australia, spain, the philippines and myriad places in between - but never saw myself as more than a hobbyist.  


however, in 2020 - locked down and in quarantine during the covid-19 pandemic - I decided to take my interest & recreational pastime to a new level and purchase my own pottery wheel.  it was at this time I began to take on commissioned projects for both friends & fellow hospitality industry professionals in the san francisco bay area while honing my skills and gaining experience.  my work became more organic yet more disciplined, more authentic yet more focused. from there, the ethos of ceramica natural was derived: the interweaving of raw element & passion to create refined function & aesthetic.  


it is my pleasure to share my art, and my journey, with you.

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